I recently shared a cuppa and intriguing chat with the wonderful Amy from the ‘Red’ beauty team on the joys and power of Aromatherapy. Here are our aromatherapy tips and tricks to help you eliminate stress, sleep better and be more productive.

For years I have been declaring; Aromatherapy is not all clouds of lavender and scented back massages. The power of smell – and the right one at that – can have a potent effect upon both our mental and physical wellbeing.

From killing stress and bouncing back from burnout, to boosting your energy, productivity at work and even your libido, the power of aromatherapy is real and surprisingly easy to implement. Let me tell you how to harness it for the betterment of your own health and wellbeing.


If you’re having trouble sleeping just a few drops of Lavender will help. Before heading to bed, pop three drops of lavender essential oil on your pillow. Or if you have time to plan ahead, put the drops onto a cotton pad instead, and place it on a radiator in the bedroom. After a few minutes the scent will start to infuse the air, helping you to drop off peacefully.

Though most people reach for soothing scents like lavender in times of stress, I feel citrus oils are far more effective. Scents of a ‘relaxing’ sedative nature can make you drop down further rather than perk you up and as a result can bring on more stress. Bright and fresh citrus notes however, such as the lemongrass, orange and lime will help to boost and uplift your mind. Use a simple acupressure trick to eliminate stress on the spot; apply 12 short but firm presses to the web of skin between your thumb and index finger, as it helps to release the body’s cortisol, which will bring down your stress levels.

To boost your energy levels reach for herby scents over fruity or floral ones. Eating a strong curry with plenty of turmeric can often do the trick, along with a herbal bath using scents such as marjoram, rosemary, spike lavender and vetiver.

Try swapping your 3pm coffee with a spearmint and lemongrass mental boost instead. Either put a few drops into an oil burner or on a cotton pad, and take three deep breaths during a short break to help to focus your mind, or burn scented candles if your work settings allow.


Be it stress, a busy schedule, tiredness or health issues, many factors can contribute to a loss of libido but, aromatherapy can help. Geranium for example, is especially good for lifting a low libido because it stimulates the body’s estrogen production, and if used every day, will see sex drive gradually climb back up.

Burnout is all too common a story in modern times, and while many things can help you get back on track. The most crucial part of coming back from a burnout is to accept the fact that it has happened, and then adjust your lifestyle to allow time for recovery. Set aside time each week for regular herbal baths (and remember the power of citrus scents), while also getting back to nature by bracing walks in the fresh air.

Welcome Aromatherapy in your daily life and enjoy the new support and aromas which will surround you.

Love Lucy A x