Autism has been a growing concern in recent years as more and more children and adults are diagnosed. Aromatherapy and essential oils are getting considerable attention at the minute as a natural aid for some of the symptoms associated with autism. Essential oils can enhance and complement traditional treatment options hence more and more parents are now looking towards this therapeutic solution.


Aromatherapy is used as a gentle, yet effective way to manage a wide range of emotional and physical challenges in all our lives, so it is no surprise that these oils help with autism symptoms and that essential oils are becoming increasingly used. Certain essential oils are credited for the successful treatment of stress, insomnia, anxiety, muscle ache and many more common complaints. For example Lavender is commonly selected for relieving stress relief and reducing anxiety. While more stimulating essential oils like Peppermint is used for mental alertness and improving concentration and Clove is used for anti bacterial issues. Have you looked into which essential oils can help with your symptoms?

When dealing with autism some of the symptoms that need to be managed in young and older autistic people may include anxiety, anger, stress, and depression. Essential oils can be used as a natural aid to help with these symptoms. They can also be used to help caretakers stay focused yet relaxed at night.


Some of the most common traditional treatments for autism include medication, physical and speech therapy, behavioral training and management in occupational therapy. Certain essential oils can help greatly. Peppermint can help reduce fever, relieve stomach pain, migraines and enhance mental focus. Vetiver is brilliant for calming anger and reducing irritability. While Lavender will relax anxiety and calm the nervous system. Frankincense is gentle on the limbic system and can improve mood. Cedarwood is another wonderful essential oil when a calming influence is needed.


Aromatherapy is not meant to replace other treatments for autism but instead it should be used to enhance treatments including medical treatments. Aromatherapy should be used to work as a support system to relieve the stresses of autistic symptoms.


Love Lucy A x