I like to think I cope ‘well’ with my self elicited busy life and hectic schedule. When asked, I tend to say ‘I don’t really get stressed’ but now that I am taking the time to really ask myself ‘Do you cope well with life and work? Do you handle stress well?’ the realisation that I do get stressed often is apparent.  A more powerful reality, is that I experience anxiety more often than stress.

What’s the difference? To me there is a huge difference between stress and anxiety. Stress is a state of being, which we all naturally create coping strategies to help deal with stress on a daily basis, may it be the gym, journaling, ranting to willing ears or more productively, yoga. Anxiety on the other hand is more an acute reaction. Anxiety can feel like your heart started working harder (a little too hard at times) you can be panicky or quick tempered, certainly less tolerant.  Off course we are all individual and your physical and psychological responses to both triggers can be different to mine. That’s what makes us all so adorable- we are so uniquely different!

And yes, I know I just admitted all off my worst qualities but I’m blaming the anxiety! Anxiety, for me can set in most commonly when I feel over whelmed with my work load or responsibilities.  Like stress, can we create realistic coping mechanisms to ease that dreaded feeling of anxiety? I have a little trick to share! I keep a little bottle of Frankincense, Lavender and Rose essential oil in my handbag for just those times.

My logic is simple, by taking the 30 seconds to reach for and apply my anxiety relief roller blend to my wrists I have taken the time to focus on something positive, to consciously take a few deep breaths refreshing the oxygen in my lungs. Most importantly I have acknowledged that I am anxious and provided a solution so my mind and body can calm and refocus.

This simple but totally effective tip is worth a try- trust me!

Blend 10ml of veg oil (any veg oil is fine just make sure it has no or very mild scent)
4 drops Frankincense essential oil
4 drops Lavandin essential oil
2 drops Rose essential oil

Massage a little into your pulses when needed or take deep inhalations.

I’d love to hear if this little bottle of relief becomes your new best friend. Leave me a comment below and let me know.

Love Lucy A x