Cannabis Legal Activity Update | 9th November 2018


As of the 17th October 2017, Canada legalized cannabis however there are some restriction in the cosmetic market.  Cannabis as defined by the Cannabis Act (schedule 1) and subject to sale only by authorized retailers or federally licensed sellers for medical purposes, is prohibited for use in any concentration in cosmetics.

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Cannabis act defining Cannabis and its licensing requirements

The Canadian cannabis act states that

The industrial hemp regulation and the effect these two regulations have on the cosmetic regulation 

The only extract from a plant of the genus Cannabis permitted in cosmetics is derived from the non-viable seeds of Industrial hemp (a low THC 0.3% max. authorized variety of Cannabis sativa) as defined by the Industrial Hemp Regulation, described in the list of ingredients only as ‘Cannabis sativa seed oil’ and then only if the THC content is 10ppm or less.

 Cosmetic products containing cannabis sativa seed oil under the conditions described in the cosmetic regulation are not restricted for sale other than as directed under the cosmetic regulations and other regulations that apply to cosmetic products.

 The prohibited and restricted ingredient information is below:

Beauty leader Sophera has reacted by issuing a guidance document highlighting the new prohibitions and restrictions.

At the minute there are no indications from Sophera that their reaction in the Canadian market will follow through in the Sophera stores in North America.

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See full Cannabis act & supporting laws here: