My formidable drive and ambition coupled with my professional network and trusted experience results in a brand creation and development partner that will make your journey towards realising your brand vision more informed, smoother and smarter.  I can build your brand and marketing strategy while considering market placement and product presentation.  




Put your vision into my hands and let me curate your idea into a bespoke innovative formulation.  Within my 14 years’ experience as a Clinical Aromatherapist and product formulator I have gained the skill set and network to source therapeutic and unique ingredients to set your products and brand apart from your competitors.  



Are you working on a new exciting brand concept or are you an existing brand aiming to take an innovative look at your current position?  I step inside your brand and help you take that vital breath to review and plan your brands future.  We can focus on all aspects of your brand offering ranging from market placement, brand values and mission, positive social policy, benchmark competitors, sales and marketing strategy.     



Are you a brand outside of Europe hoping to expand into the growing European cosmetic market?  Your compliance is essential but it no longer has to be frightful.  I can guide on allergens, formulations edit’s if required as well as mange your required external lab tests to reach successful EU compliance with EU portal registration.  Allowing you to focus on your sales and marketing plans for brand expansion.



You have the brilliant idea and the vision to see your concept on a shelf but the steps between the two are so daunting you don’t know where to begin. I can utilize my extensive experience to build your concept into a brand from formulation, compliance, sourcing, packaging, copy, supply chain, production to launch.